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On Ventoux

This quote today on Inner Ring from the new book “Velo” by Paul Fournel was so good I went and bought the book at lunch time;

The Ventoux has no it-self. It’s the greatest revelation of yourself. It simply returns your fatigue and fear. It has total knowledge of the shape you are in, your capacity for cycling happiness, and happiness in general. It’s yourself you’re climbing. If you don’t want to know, stay at the bottom.

Of all the famous Tour de France climbs this is the only one I’ve seen, albeit from the top of the ramparts in Arles, but I long for the day I cycle up it’s hallowed road, to pay my respects to the Tommy Simpson memorial, plus there is the bonus of family bragging rights, apparently my cousin Paul has cycled up it in 90 mins, he’s nearly ten years older than me so I’ve got to beat that time.

Photo from the wikipedia page on Ventoux